The Best Journey in the World

Travel Aug 31, 2017

Over the previous new year period, I took a two and half week voyage to Antarctica. It was a life changing experience to say the least, one that I am very grateful for.

ushuaia My journey began in Ushuaia, at the most southern tip of Argentina, a city often described as sitting at the end of the world.

planciusport From here, I boarded the mV Plancius sitting just on the right. It was operated by Oceanwide Expeditions, a company I cannot recommend enough. They were utterly fantastic, and I highly recommend them.

outtosea After dinner that evening we departed port and began our two day crossing of the drake passage.

arrival After several days that involved much seasickness for the majority of the ship we had finally arrived in Antarctic waters.

firstday I was extremely excited to finally go mountaineering, which provided some great views. Due to previous outdoor experience, I spent my time at the back of the rope.

summit As we approached the peak, we broke off into smaller teams to tackle the summit.

down The trek down yielded the best views, and this has to be my favourite photo of the entire trip.

chelsea In the afternoon everyone walked to the top of a small hill on a tiny ice island. I could not refuse the oppourtunity to keep the blue flag flying high!

camping On new years eve, several of us decided to camp out for the evening, and spend the night under the stars. We dug small trenches for ourselves, and enjoyed one anothers company. Due to the sun being up most of the time, it was quite hard to get any sleep.

portlockroy We visited Port Lockroy, an old british army base second world war that has since been turned into an historic museum.

seal We were lucky enough to get very close to many different creatueres, including seals and sea lions.

calmbeforethestorm I was fortunate enough to be able to go mountaineering multiple times, and on this occasion was at the front of the rope as we descended a glaciar.

whereintheworld Unfortunately, disaster struck, and I quickly disappeared. Safety ropes are a must, and I’m really quite thankful for them.

pullmeupscotty As you can see, it wasn’t overly comfortable down there.

outicome I’m really quite thankful to those who pulled me out.

penguins A lot of people have asked me, “Adam, did you see any penguins?”. In short, yes.

majestic They really are such magnificent little creatures.

whale I was lucky enough to be on a zodiac when we saw a couple of whales playing. Truly beautiful.

view The weather was amazing, and the crew kept telling us that most voyages have one day like this, not the whole trip.

shipwreck We also saw the shipwreck of the Guvernøren, an old whaling ship.

lighthouse I was very happy to see Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse when we were back in Ushuaia. It is often known as The Lighthouse at the End of the World, and features in Jules Verne’s book of the same name.

final All in all, it was an amazing journey, and one that I will never forget.